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Neelam has been invited to the TEDx stages twice and is an international speaker, published poet, host of words and voices podcast, including the founder  of Youth Mojo. More recently, she was interviewed in FORBES.

I know, we don’t know how she does it either. Well, we kinda do – she works hard with an undeterred intention, focus and compassion to put good in the world. But we digress, moving right along.

Neelam was raised across four continents from schooling, living and working in different parts of the world which has informed her personal growth, spirituality, literary, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic journey. A nomad of sorts way before it became popular.

After being adopted by one of the best cities in the world and calling New York City home for over a decade where she worked in strategy, marketing, branding, and digital advertising for Fortune 500 companies in Pharmaceutical and FMCG categories—Neelam decided it was time to fly solo, do her own thang.


She wanted to be involved in meaningful work aligned to her strengths, values and build her empire of good working on projects with people whose vision she wanted to bring to life with strategy, story and spirituality. And write, of course. 

A self-certified geek and nerd, Neelam can go into the depths of topics of entrepreneurship, creative and literary thinking, conscious work, business strategy, spirituality, and personal development.


When you meet her, you can tell she is committed to elevating humanity which she does through her programs, bespoke online and offline workshops, speaking on esteemed stages which yet again, takes
her all around the world.


She is her mission in glorious motion. 

In her spare time, Neelam writes fiction, poetry, goes
on travel adventures to distant lands, gives back to her philanthropic pursuits, goes vocal and viral on the
interwebs for her activism and if you love chai as much as she does—you’ll enjoy exchanging notes.


See what we did there?





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Ranked one of the top 10% most popular shows out of 2,846,191 podcasts globally, by Listen Score.

We live in a noisy, buzz-word driven world asking for our attention.


Neelam believes that we are all a work-in-progress until our last breath, and while we are here in this human experience we can build a life, business and art in a way that is intrinsically ours.

Words + Voices Podcast aims to bring you people, stories, and solo thought-pieces to help you think differently.


The effort and hope is to share conversations with zero nonsense or pandering to popular opinion. It is a sanctuary, bringing focus to people, thoughts, and ideas that truly matter.

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At YouthMojo, we are focused on projects, seminars, workshops, and trainings to help elevate our educational ecosystem by supporting senior leadership, educators, students and educational consultants in the areas of entrepreneurship, public speaking, creative & design thinking and social media excellence.

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An Odyssey to Synchronicity

TEDx LDCE, India

Everything happens for a reason – as simple as this sounds and having heard this saying over a million times, In this TEDx Talk, Neelam shares how even a small hello can influence life in so many great ways, how the chaos of success and failures can magically create synchronicity in life.

The Gifts of Micro-deaths

TEDx CUHK, Hong Kong

We have all had this moment when we think the world is breaking apart. We tend to think of this kind of mental state inherently bad, but in truth, are they really? In this talk, Neelam Tewar explores her time of struggle, and how, with a change of perception, she has now viewed it as a gift. She calls these gifts, micro-deaths.

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Maven Magpie Consulting LLC.

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