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Our Services.

Elevate Mindset, Productivity, Wellness, Leadership and Growth—Sustainably, Mindfully and Ethically.

Gallup estimates 17.2% of the U.S. workforce is actively disengaged which costs and organization approximately $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary (or 34%).

What has

In the pursuit of growth too many organizations and executives sacrifice the mental and physical wellbeing of their team for the sake of profits.

This approach leads to a decline in moral, productivity, and a team that’s always looking for the exit – if not immediately, over time the turnover is detrimental to reputation and expansion.

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Modern leadership development and mentorship requires strong top-down communication, transparency about harnessing individual strengths.

What needs to shift.

High performance strategy isn’t optimized or fully utilized for an onsite and remote team in a post-pandemic world. We believe growth and fulfilment is a given when strategy that nurtures the power, intention are met consciously at an individual level.

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How we have helped our clients.

We are a modern high-performance and human elevation consulting agency that gets results for our clients. We’re your partner in growth, wellness and conscious leadership with over 20 years of real-world experience.

  • Solve complex growth challenges, maximize resources understand virtual workforces, build teams, and improve operations. We leverage this expertise and use it to bring growth to your organization.

  • Curate and customize stand-alone services and training to meet your needs and budget no matter the size of your business.

  • Hands-on approach, we leverage decades of experience and best practices to help impact-focused organizations optimize overall performance while providing bottom line savings.

  • Mitigate employee overwhelm, destroy employee self-sabotage, get laser focused, and get more done through our signature approach. 

Our trainings, bespoke courses, workshops and high-touch mentorship (led by our founder, Neelam Tewar) are designed to meet both individual and company-wide needs. 

Building an impact-focused organization with engaged employees isn’t just about technology,  to-do lists or the latest trending management strategies; it’s about creating clarity, goals with a strategy to optimize human performance…. while keeping it human and humane.

Neelam Tewar

Founder, Maven Magpie Consulting

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We help you increase engagement, productivity and personal leadership of your executive, leadership team in 3 ways:

Executive Mentoring.

Elevate your employees and leadership at all levels

step into powerful authenticity, sustainable productivity, less overwhelm, mindfulness and greater fulfilment.

Self-Study Courses.

Over 30 curated courses with worksheets and exercises, secure online platform covering topics of personal development, mindfulness, health, wellness, and productivity. Study on your own time and schedule from anywhere in the world. 

Elevated Mastermind. 

A global, private online community of leaders, executives and purpose-driven creators learning, networking and building resilient, high-performance consciously in mind, body and spirit.

Our mission at Maven Magpie Consulting is to give you clarity on what needs to get done, your non-negotiables and provide the support to make sure you have all the tools, attention from us to elevate and scale sustainably and consciously. 



Maven Magpie Consulting LLC.

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