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3 Ways to Create Momentum

Updated: May 13, 2022

We are creatures of habit.

This is true for organizations and businesses as well.

To keep forward momentum without burnouts, these are three simple things you can do as a leader right now for optimized growth and continued momentum:

1. Prioritize

SDS or shiny diamond syndrome.

SDS is a real thing. SDS? Shiny Diamond Syndrome, which we’ve relabeled as Shiny Distraction Syndrome.

Knowing which of your tactics lead up to the big picture or vision is critical and mapping every new ‘idea’ to this metric can save resources, frustration and unnecessary, mis-alignment within teams.

2. Pause

Stepping back and taking a moment of pause to help with realignment.

This sounds counter-intuitive but when implemented consistently, works brilliantly as a long term-strategy.

Before moving forward with a game plan or communicating it through your business or organization, take a moment to pause, assess and “check-in” with your inner compass if

3. Dialogue

Depending on your operational and leadership structure, creating pockets of time to dialogue with key stakeholders is critical.

You can start by having standing check-ins every few months and keeping open channels of communication.

Remember there is a time and place for speed, which is often mistaken for momentum.

Momentum is consistent and one of the most productive and fulfilling posturing you can bring forth in how you engage with your team, especially as a lead or leader.

Being strategic and planning ahead matters especially when it seems there is a lot to get done and managed.

Collision spaces are important for work dialogue to create innovation solutions.

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