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Build and Optimize Resilient Teams

Updated: May 13, 2022

We are living in volatile and unpredictable times.

But you look around, many businesses and organizations are flourishing while contributing in impactful ways within their communities, and around the world.

Some commonalities between the effortlessly-thriving and the barely-surviving can be seen in how they approach:

  • goals, mission and vision

  • operational growth and excellence

  • communication loops (top down and between teams)

  • creative and design thinking

  • process flow efficiencies

  • morale and motivation of employees

While these are essential, one element comes up on top especially when we look at the effortlessly-thriving:


This forms the central ethos of why you do what you do. Our values feed our vision, integrity and how we show up in the world especially, to our end clients.

Resilient teams don’t cave under external forces like the economy or other political unrest. In fact, the more hostile or unfavorable the environment, the greater they shine, succeed and profit.

What they do really well is, go back to their values and pressure-test against these both as an anchor and a lighthouse to guide their path forward.

Resilient teams have clarity in their values and don’t sway for the latest trend or tool. They stay true to why they started, who they are and they stick to it. Our values, if mis-aligned can cause pressure on resources, mental health and productivity.

Lighthouse to guide their path forward.


Take a few minutes and write our all your core values, assess the decisions you’ve made or are contemplating and see what insights come up for you. This can take a couple of hours to months, be patient and honest with what you find: it will be well worth it.

Winding down your core values will help with assessing future decisions that need contemplating.

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