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Hiring and Retaining Skilled, High-performers

A substantial drain on any organization’s collective success, growth and impact is when there’s a hiring mis-match or a firing delay.

Building the right team takes time, testing and implementing learning into SoPs which can be leveraged during interviews (entry and exit) and investing in growing bright minds.

Three things high-performers look for before accepting job offers:

1. Company Culture

We’re not talking about beanbags, free lunches or pizza Fridays here – of course that’s never a negative inclusion however, highly skilled employees place more weightage on respect and being valued for their contribution. They look for connection in their work, with their managers and peers; it’s not just about getting a paycheck.

2. Vision & Mission

High-performers believe in their skillset and want to put it into play within an organization or business whose vision and mission they can relate to; this means they need to connect with their future managers, stakeholders, team members or senior leadership during the interviewing process….especially when they choose, to leave.

3. Freedom & Flexibility

Providing freedom to try not only try new projects or ideas but to rotate, build collaborations between different departments is enticing for high-performers. They are easily bored and if an employer can provide both freedom to experiment and flexibility to take on different projects (that might be out of scope or not expected of them), will work in the benefit of both sides.

Mission, vision, culture, and freedom and flexibility are at the core of high performers.

2021 is an employee’s market and companies will need to position themselves in a way that is both appealing and exciting to their prospective hires.

High-performers wait out for the right opportunity, which is assessed not just by what they take home but how they feel about the work they do, day in and day out. It is a two way street and they know they can deliver.

Simply put, they know they’re the prize.

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